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Catherine Dunlap: The NE Region is proud to feature Maine resident Cathy Dunlap. Cathy began her adventures in the cat fancy in 2010, primarily showing Household Pets, but has been known to frequently assist with showing Championship Cats and Alters when lending a hand to other exhibitors. Cathy's generosity and kindness is known by all who frequent NE shows. She is often one of the first exhibitors found on show set up day to offer assistance with whatever needs to be done . She is also known as "Mom” to many NE exhibitors and loves to be greeted as such! The TICA NE Region would like to offer a sincere thank you to Cathy for her endless willingness to help, mentorship and smile - which has been known to light up the show hall every time!


Christian Cherau: Christian Cherau is a proud TICA Northeast Member, having grown up around cats, feline enthusiasts and TICA. He started showing at 9-years old after urging his mother to show their doll face Persian at the Providence, RI pet expo in 2004. Since then, he has shown numerous Household Pets, Himalayans, Persians, and Japanese Bobtails. Christian and his mother Sue helped found the Junior Exhibitor Program as it exists today, and Christian was proud to complete the program. He has goals of becoming a TICA Judge once his life allows him to. Christian has been involved with show productions for 10-plus years. Starting off with Cats on the Beach Cape Cod shows, he now works with several clubs across the region as show manager, entry clerk, master clerk, and/or gopher. Christian is also proud to have been involved in several major successful TICA events, including Meet the Breeds in New York City and show managing the 2014 TICA Annual in Worcester. He endeavors to keep the fancy growing by reaching out to potential new exhibitors at vibrant TICA shows and encouraging existing exhibitors to help keep the cat fancy growing and healthy for future generations. He would love to revive the days of massive centre city shows in the Northeast hubs of Boston, Toronto, Montreal, and New York City to bring TICA felines to an even bigger audience. Outside the cat world, Christian works in Trading Operations for a mutual fund in Downtown Boston and enjoys time either taking advantage of the opportunities living in Boston provides or soaking up sunshine on the bay and beaches of Rhode Island. The TICA NE Region thanks Christian for being such an invaluable resource and passionate feline advocate

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