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About Us

Felines, Fun and Friendships in the Northeast

Welcome to TICA's Northeast Region, where we advocate for responsible breeding and pet ownership and are committed to providing feline fanciers around the world with fun and educational events to attend within our US and Canadian borders. We encourage and foster open communication amongst feline fanciers globally to advocate for member growth, participation and education. Our region currently has over 800 members and continues to grow!


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Are you under 18 and interested in joining the cat fancy?

Click here to learn more about  TICA's Junior Exhibitor Program!

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Our Regional Team

Regional Director: Christian Cherau

Deputy Regional Director (Quebec): Brigitte Pouliot

Deputy Regional Director (Ontario) Amanda Jimmink

Regional Show Reporter: Lois Miu

Regional Treasurer: Heather Ellis

Webmaster: David Nudleman

Social Media: Kim Langille

Junior Exhibitor Liaison: Sue Cherau

Junior Exhibitor Co-Liaison Seanna Grochowski

Annual NE Basket Coordinator : Heather Ellis

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